December 20, 2014 by Mitch Kreindel & Peter Vanstone

Rosemary’s guidance and unflappable professionalism were invaluable in selling our house. Her attention to detail, her knowledge, her negotiating skills and her years of experience and expertise in the market simply cannot be matched! It’s no wonder that she’s the Queen of Silver Lake real estate. You can’t go wrong with Rosemary. We couldn’t have done it without her.

Mitch Kreindel & Peter Vanstone

November 20, 2014 by Mari Mardirosian

Rosemary Low sold our home after being on the market with another agent. It was a hard!!!

The first things she did were: stage our house and redesign our garden with new plants. She knew it was going to be a difficult job but nothing stopped her. Her knowledge of real estate marketing and negotiating is incredible. She knows her job definitely well. Honestly I can’t find a single word to describe her hard work. I highly recommend her for anyone in the need of real estate.

August 31, 2014 by Elwood Lui

 Last year, my wife and I began searching for a second home as an investment property with the possibility that it could be used as a rental or by one of our family members with young children. We were particularly interested in the Silver Lake area where we have lived for almost fifty years. We knew that Rosemary was an extremely knowledgeable broker who knew all the important facts concerning the Los Feliz and Silver Lake area, and would do all she could to help us find a suitable property. We wanted to find specifically, a home in the Ivanhoe Elementary District, as we were confident that homes in this district would hold their value and increase over time.

Rosemary was able to put us together with a seller who needed a quick sale as they were relocating outside of California and wanted a hassle free transaction. Rosemary helped us, and we quickly agreed to a deal. The escrow closed in a few short weeks. I would recommend Rosemary without hesitation. We have known her for years and have complete trust and confidence in her.

Elwood Lui

May 2014 by William Zegarra Jr.

To Who It May Concern,

It is an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to recommend Mrs. Rosemary Low, an exceptional and well experienced real estate agent. It is rare in this day to find a person with impeccable work ethic and honesty; someone who holds a sincere desire to strive and delivery exactly what her clients are looking for and nothing but the best. She provides the highest quality of service, is extremely well versed of the real estate industry as a whole, and brings remarkable knowledge of the Los Angeles market to every transaction she obtains.

During our extensive research, Rosemary diligently pursued to present me with endless opportunities, and always maintained an enthusiastic approach. Rosemary was extraordinary in her efforts negotiating complicated issues between all parties, while maintaining focus to ensure my best interest. She also has a great team of assistants who allow Rosemary to work at her best potential and directly with her clients. I find it to be a delight to work with Rosemary Low, a professional in every sense of the phrase. She always gives her 110% to make the transaction happen in a timely manner.

The peace of mind of feeling safe, secure of what you are getting into, and being able to understand every single detail, is priceless! Whether it’s a buy, sell, or lease, Rosemary Low is the only agent I can trust.

William Zegarra Jr.

October 4, 2013 by Susan Brash

To Who It May Concern,

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Rosemary Low. I am an escrow officer and I have been handling escrows for her clients for over twenty years. Rosemary has also represented me as the seller in my own personal real estate transactions.
Rosemary has always displayed a high degree of honesty, integrity, and responsibility. I have never once hesitated to recommend her to clients seeking to employ a realtor.

Her real estate knowledge and attention to detail is paramount to the successful closing of a real estate transaction and she always succeeds in this regard.

Susan Brash, Escrow Officer and Homeowner
American trust Escrow

August 5, 2013 by Eric

If you are thinking about buying a house in the Los Angeles area, you can do no better than to work with Rosemary Low. I have known Rosemary for over six years and have bought or sold three properties with her since we met. From small houses, to a home over 2 million. She’s always on top of the whole process and any questions I have she answers right away.

I just bought my last house (hopefully) with her about a month ago. In my mind there is no way I would have gotten this place without her helping me. When she saw this house she called me all day until I called her back. She told me she found the perfect place for me and I said could you set up an appointment tomorrow? She told me I better see it today and I am glad I did. Had I waited even one day I think I would have missed the perfect house for me. Just wanting a place is not enough, she put together a killer plan that I believe, is the reason I got this place.

The market at this point is very tough, there are not a lot of places on the market, and they go fast! And having somebody like Rosemary, gives you a real edge. At the moment, she is helping my friends find a place, and because of my recommendation, they are extremely happy with Rosemary. That makes me feel good for two reasons, one, I want my friends to think I know what I am talking about and two, I really like Rosemary, she has become a friend. If you want to get the perfect place at the right price, working with Rosemary is the thing to do.


July, 2013 by Mark and Nancy Weingarten

 When my husband and I started working with Rosemary, we did not find her through a recommendation from a friend, nor did we do any Realtor research—we stumbled upon her, interested in one of her listings. But we instantly felt comfortable with her, and so began a relationship that started in 1994, a year and a half before we bought our first house, to today, a year and a half after we started looking for our second. We had no idea that through dumb luck we had fallen into the hands of one of LA’s most respected Realtors. Often the sellers’ agent at houses we viewed would tell her they’d taken a course from her, or heard a lecture, or were so happy to finally meet the Realtor with such a stellar reputation.   We felt even better about her, knowing her competitors held her in such high regard!

This is no small thing. With Rosemary you have a built-in advantage: other Realtors trust her and knows her clients will come through with their loans. This often will push you to the top of the pile.

 But more about that year and a half, twice over. Practically every week and weekend, both times, Rosemary would take us to house after house, looking for a better property than we could afford. Sometimes we’d come close to making an offer, but then retreat. One time we actually did make an offer, only to realize we had to withdraw, because we knew, deep down, the house was wrong for us.

Through times of exhaustion, indecision and despair, Rosemary stood by us, patient, kind, absolutely without judgment. I once asked her why she didn’t get exasperated and throw us to the dogs. She responded that her only interest was in finding the right house for us. If it wasn’t right yet, we’d keep on going. This is what makes Rosemary a great Realtor. She’s not one of those agents who simply wants to chalk up another sale. She truly loves her job, and it shows.

 Rosemary’s qualities makes her ideal: she is smart, capable, industrious, empathetic. She understands your taste and has your back. She is truly special, and we feel so lucky to have crossed paths.

 We cannot recommend her more highly.

March 2013 by Brett Mitchell

Rosemary Low, to steal a line from Tina Turner, you’re simple the Best! You’re better than all the rest. As an investor, I deal with many real estate agents. This gives me an up close and personal experience with real estate agents’ work ethics, integrity, (or lack thereof), and performance. Rosemary understands that because we buy REO’s, probates, heavy fixers and the like, we’re forced to deal with listing agents that have that product. They receive multiple offers on virtually every deal. We are probably paying a 10% premium on every deal we get due to the heavy competition. Because of your 30 years plus real estate experience, you have made the re-sell end of our business a true success. Why do I say this? For the following reasons:

  1. You begin to work with us in the design phase of our remodels. Your knowledge of matching the homes’ area and its’ design, with the perceived buyer, is very invaluable.
  2. The fact that during the remodel, you will visit the site, numerous times, to ensure the work and final outcome meets your expectations, has paid big dividends for us. Many times, you require finishers not sold at Home Depot or Lowe’s, giving our finished product appearance not seen by our competition.
  3. No one puts a marketing plan in place like you! You provide us with up to the minutes comps, actives, and pending. With critical analysis of the pros and cons of what we must do to win the edge over our competition.
  4. You are the only agent that provides beautiful staging to help the new buyer envision just how wonderful their new home will look. In addition, the video tours you provide on the MLS and personal property websites could and should win Academy Awards. Your attention to every detail is unmatched. I’ve noticed during your broker’s opens, that many agents really envy how well you do what you do. As a result of your business model, we have received multiple offers on virtually every listing what we have given you. But it doesn’t stop there. You make sure the selected buyer and agents are qualified. You make sure all parts of the escrow are handled professionally and timely. As an investor, days on market, can make or break a deal. Having to cancel an escrow and start over is no good. I thank God for you Rosemary, because when I have Rosemary, and all you bring to the table, I get top dollar on my re-sells, with very few days on market. And not to mention, you do all of this for the same commission rate of your competitors. You provide the best value in your industry.

Rosemary Low you’re simply the BEST!!!

Brett Mitchell ~ Wise Investments

August, 2012 by Jennifer


Thank you for all of your help with the transaction. I know it took a bit longer than expected, but we appreciate your assistance in holding it together. Mark couldn’t be happier with his new home & in the end that’s the best outcome.

With appreciation,

June 2012 by Peter Phillips and Stacy Benedict

As first time home buyers with a very limited budget, we were admittedly nervous about the prospects of entering the Los Angeles real estate market. However, with Rosemary’s guidance, patience, kindness and knowledge/experience we are now the proud owners of a lovely 3 bed/2
bath home with a 5000 sq ft backyard! In LA!

For those of us who want to stay located in the “east side” region, there is no better agent than Rosemary. Her candor inspired trust, her team of inspectors gave us legitimate advise, and we walked away thinking, “yes the home needs work, but it has good bones. It has a solid foundation, and ultimately, it has great potential.”

Rosemary gave us confidence in a daunting real estate market. We bought a great house in an area we love. She helped provide our family’s future and we are forever grateful.

April 16, 2012 by Laura and Matt Rettig

There is a lot of excitement that surrounds making the decision to venture out and look for a new house. Not included in this bevy of excitement however, is choosing your real estate agent. It is a daunting task., and the horror stories that start flooding in from your friends and family regarding their own experiences don’t sit well, for sure. You feel incredibly vulnerable. This is one of the biggest, most life changing purchases of your life and you desperately want someone that will guide you, advocate for you, work hard for you and most importantly, someone that you trust.

Well, we hit the jackpot when we found Rosemary Low at Sotheby’s. First of all, she has a work ethic that is truly unsurpassed. She is always within reach for whatever your needs might be. Rarely will you call and get her voicemail, and if you do, she returns your call within the thirty minutes. She has been around a long time and has seen it all so she is well equipped to handle all types of twisted situations. Ours was a probate. Not only did Rosemary know everything there was to know pertaining to all of the legalities, she knew how to take care of us emotionally through what was an incredible rollercoaster ride. I can’t tell you how comforting it was to have her by our side.

When it came time to sell our house, she was fantastic. Many friends told me that, in their experiences, they felt like they were “conveyor belt clients”. Once the house is in escrow, they don’t’ want to do much on your behalf. And if it doesn’t feel right, for whatever reason, they will often push you into it anyway because they just want to close. Not the case with Rosemary. She is a great listener and was our advocate through and through. Even when our initial buyers seemed liked the better candidates financially, she agreed that we should back out with them due to a very uneasy feeling about some of the goings on. Rosemary did not flinch when it came to backing out with the first buyer and redoing all the paperwork as well as the required footwork to accommodate the backup offer. I know this is not always easy with other agents.

We were entirely thrilled with our time with Rosemary as our agent….now we look forward to our time with her as our friend.

February 2012 by Jana & Vincent Flumiani

It is with great pleasure that my husband and I write this letter of recommendation for real estate agent Rosemary Low at Sotheby’s. We met Rosemary for the sale of our house and were absolutely impressed with her vast knowledge of the real estate market and her professionalism. She did an excellent job of presenting us with a comprehensive marketing and sales plan for our home. She effectively communicated to us in weekly, if not daily emails and phone calls throughout the entire time of the sale. Our escrow process with Rosemary was utterly seamless due to organized and efficient business practices.

Rosemary’s services do not end when the transaction is complete; months after we sold our home, we were able to inquire about the best school in the area for our daughter. Rosemary not only sent us a detailed email about the schools but offered to meet and discuss any further questions we might have. We would highly recommend Rosemary Low to anyone looking to sell or buy a home. She is a stellar woman and cares deeply about her clients.

December, 2011 by Eran Shahar

Rosemary Low has been our real estate agent for the past 20 years and we cannot speak highly enough about her. Her knowledge of the market and of real estate is unsurpassed. We have many times relied on her advice and calculations in determining whether or not to proceed with a real estate investment. In addition, there have been numerous times where we had unusual transactions due to faulty titles, foreclosures or liens on properties, short pays, etc. etc. and each time Rosemary has helped us navigate through the problems when we were on the verge of giving up. Rosemary has helped us both in business and with our personal property and we are quick to recommend her to friends and clients alike. As general contractors, we have dealt with many real estate agents and brokers over the years and have never found a more trust-worthy, honest, knowledgeable and helpful agent as Rosemary Low.

 February 16, 2011 by Michael Martin & Luis Planes

We are writing to heartily recommend Rosemary Low to anyone in the market for buying or selling a home. From market analysis to closing, Rosemary has consistently excelled at each step of the way in our real estate transactions, always achieving impressive results. She has been a pleasure to work with over the years.

Each time we have worked with Rosemary in the last sixteen years we have been impressed with her professionalism, her sound knowledge of the Silver Lake/Los Feliz market that comes from her long experience in the area, her thorough attention to detail, her problem-solving capabilities and her comforting good humor through the inevitable stressful kinks in the deal. We met Rosemary when she represented the buyer of our first home in Silver Lake. Rosemary made such a good impression that she was our first choice when it came time to sell our second home, also in Silver Lake. She then represented us on the purchase of our dream home in the Moreno Highlands. When we reluctantly decided to downsize and move to Palm Springs, Rosemary proved to be invaluable once again, representing us on the emotional sale of a house that was difficult to part with.

We have worked with Rosemary in up markets and down. She’s been there from the time we sold our first starter home to the sale of our signature property in the hills. No matter what the size of the house, or the state of the market, Rosemary has given it her all in every transaction and we’ve always been pleased with the results. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and wish we could have continued to do so in the desert. We can’t recommend her more highly.

December, 2010 by James Okonkwo

Senior Loan Officer

I have been in the mortgage business for almost 10 years and have dealt with many realtors. There is no realtor like Rosemary Low. She is second to none in so many ways, and most importantly, she is second to none in doing the right thing for her client every time. It is not just that she does what she thinks is the right thing to do, she does it with absolute knowledge of every aspect of the transaction. When I am given the opportunity to do the mortgage for her client, she is part of the process from beginning to end. Rosemary does not do the token check in to see how the loan is going, she questions all aspects to make sure that the loan is the best for her client. At the end of the day, Rosemary makes me and this industry better.

May 2010 by Steve Sarkisian

Last spring I realized an imminent need to sell my “bachelor pad” and buy a house more suitable for settling down and raising a family. Although I’d gone through the experience of buying the condo, it was 10 years previous and I didn’t remember much of the transaction. At any rate, my needs arose during the worst real estate stump of the century, and the thought of these transactions was daunting to say the least. A friend of mine suggested Rosemary Low as the ideal realtor to handle my situation.

Rosemary knows a ton more about marketing than any other realtors that I had met. She suggested a price and some simple steps I could take to help her market the house more effectively. Little did I know that this strategy was so effective that we’d have an open house on Saturday, and a dozen plus offers to sift through by Monday morning. Needless to say, selling seemed easy.

After we had an offer on the condo, I found a turn of the century house in a historic district that I knew I wanted, and she orchestrated that deal as well. She was instrumental in helping negotiate a fair price, considering the house had some issues that needed attention. She even coordinated the escrow between the two houses so closings coincided.

All in all, I’d highly recommend Rosemary to any friends and family that were interested in buying or selling real estate. She is a true professional, and can provide you with a delightful experience.

May 19, 2010 by Chéri Ramey

Rosemary Low is the Real Pro.

Once you discover Rosemary Low, whether you are Seller or a Buyer, I believe you will only work with her. Rosemary is extremely experienced, knows the marketplace, she will meet your goals and is really wonderful to work with.

In 1969, I left the East Village in NYC and moved to LA, the only place I considered was Silverlake. This community was a little a little jewel in LA that no one knew about unless you were creative, in entertainment or a doctor. Rich and poor, architecturally amazing, breathtaking views, exceptional people, diversified, dog friendly and if you were lucky a view of the lake.

So I rented the second floor and then bought this fabulous 50’s Duplex. Yes, it had a majestic 180? view with huge decks that had a view of the lake. Eventually I moved to the other side of the lake. My super cool retro Duplex was always rented to great people.

When driving through Silverlake all these years, the most exceptional homes and apartment buildings had Rosemary Low’s name on them. Before you knew it, “In Escrow” appeared, then the “Sold” sign.

Now, I chose to sell my fabulous Duplex and rarely does a Duplex go on sale. These are the real treasures in Silverlake. Would or could I get Rosemary Low to represent me on my Duplex? I called and asked. I knew that no one knows Silverlake and the surrounding areas like Rosemary. She amazed me and said yes, fully knowing that getting Duplex comps were impossible to get. But that never stopped her.

She found out about my personal attachment to this fabulous ’50’s Duplex and that I needed a buyer who would fit my unbelievable, demanding criteria. This was extremely important to me. In these upside down times, where many homes are forever on the market, Rosemary had several buyers for my Duplex right away.

Now it is like a blur. Before I knew it, tons and tons of paperwork was signed and we were “In Escrow” and that “Sold” sign was up. I never imagined it would be so fast.

Rosemary found the perfect new Owner! I believe the new Owner will love and cherish my fabulous ’50’s Duplex. May all the happiness and magic it has given to me continue for her!

I am so very, very pleased. Thank you to a very committed, passionate and personable Rosemary Low the Real Pro, and her sensational team. I highly recommend her!

April 8, 2010 by Robert A. Shanes

I would like to share with you our experience with Rosemary Low.

My wife and I recently moved from New York City to Los Angeles and quickly decided we wanted to purchase a home. Neither of us had lived in Los Angeles before so had little or no idea about the best neighborhoods to search for a property or the cost of homes in a given area. We only knew what kind of home we sought and the price range we could afford.

We found a property on the internet in the Los Feliz neighborhood and promptly jumped in our car to visit the home. Rosemary was the agent for that property and was nice enough to not only show us that home, but proceeded to give us a two plus hour driving tour of the various neighborhoods in and around Los Feliz (including some of the wonderful exclusive pockets that only a real local would know). She did this without ever asking once if we would be interested in representing us. Incredibly classy.

The following day, my wife and I called her to ask if she could show us some more properties that met our criteria. She proceeded to ask us a few questions about what we were seeking and put together a comprehensive showing schedule (on VERY short notice) of roughly 8 properties ALL of which and exceeded our desires and needs. She was so spot on in terms of understanding our tastes as well as reconciling location, cost, and practical points like school district and “walkability” factors.

We ultimately made a bid on a property in Los Feliz that she handled with remarkable professionalism and integrity, guiding us through the arduous and sometimes seemingly impossible task of negotiation and mountains of paperwork. We didn’t win that property or the next one that she helped us bid on in Silverlake, but she did find us and help us secure our dream home in an incredible part of Studio City. After nearly 10 weeks of visiting dozens of properties and learning a truly awesome amount about the Los Angeles market as well as the local restaurants, nightlife, schools, and demographics, she worked through all the key aspects of getting us into a better home than we could have ever imagined.

At no point during the months she worked with us did she ever question our intentions, doubt our knowledge, or dispute our tactics. She was a sounding board, a calming force, and we now consider a great friend.

Being a business owner myself, I’ve mentioned to her many times that she raises the bar for any salesperson, never mind in an industry that so lacks this kind of commitment and talent.

I enthusiastically recommend Rosemary for any of your real estate needs.

December 3, 2007 by Galidan Nauber

As a client and a friend, it is a privilege to write a recommendation for Rosemary Low.  My wife and I have been active the the Silverlake/Los Feliz/Echo Park real estate market for 10 years. Having worked with numerous realtors in that time, we know that there are precious few great realtors out there. Rosemary Low is certainly one of them, if not the best.

 Rosemary’s talents as a real estate agent are outstanding. Her knowledge of the Los Angeles’ marketplace and its specific neighborhoods is invaluable when making decisions. Her insight is crucial whenever listing or purchasing a home, especially in the current real estate market. She has a great appreciation for her client’s needs and she is a good listener. Rosemary’s work process is casual and neighborly making you feel that you are working with a true friend. She is able to communicate her ideas effectively and meet the most demanding challenges a property might have.

 Rosemary recently agreed to sell our house in a very challenged marketplace and with my wife 6 months pregnant. Never once did she lack the confidence required to move the property, and despite the less than perfect situation, she intuitively managed to have the house in escrow within two months.

 I would highly recommend Rosemary Low as a real estate agent. You will not be disappointed.